Aurora Photos from Fairbanks, Alaska

I shot this using a little point-and-shoot (Canon SX200IS).  It is not the best low light performer, but the CHDK firmware allowed me to open the shutter indefinitely and shoot in raw (  The preloaded firmware does not allow this.  Also, to ensure my finger did not jostle the camera when I pushed the shutter, I set the shutter timer for three seconds.  The camera was sitting on a tiny tripod (  Shooting in raw made all the difference – the jpgs look really underexposed but the raw images retained all of the low light data.  I was able to get some decent images by simply increasing the exposure value in post-processing.

Not the best images of the aurora – it was really windy too – but I think it’s cool that an old point-and-shoot could make decent images.


February 28, 2015 Aurora on a cold and windy night
February 28, 2015 Aurora on a cold and windy night

2015-02-28_230857 2015-02-28_2310382015-02-28_232041 2015-02-28_231929 2015-02-28_231601 2015-02-28_231338 2015-02-28_230519

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