Avant Fax login and new user problem on Freepbx / PBX in a Flash

I set up avantfax on our pbx as a frontend to hylafax (this is automated in PBX in a flash). (Ward Mundy is the man!) Could not log in to the web interface with the default username and password (making it impossible to send a fax with the GUI). I received the following error: “Login failed for maint. Ask your admin to verify that the account exists in AvantFAX.” This site was helpful in diagnosing the problem: http://sourceforge.net/p/avantfax/discussion/540878/thread/9cfb6bc9
My apache server was requiring the maint user login and not permitting any other user. I think the problem with apache stems from moving my server from one network to another (the IP / subnet settings for apache didn’t change automatically with the server IP).
To fix the problem, I logged in to the linux webmin (http://serverip then toggle the user switch to admin, then “linux webmin”). Next, click on servers > Apache Webserver > Default server > Per-Directory Options > /var/www/html/avantfax > Access Control. Then change the “Restrict access by login” from “Only these users: wwwadmin maint” to something else. If you cannot login even with the admin user, and you only plan on using an admin user, then you can add an identical admin user in apache. Click on “Edit users” and add an admin user. I also added a plaintext password which apache encryped. I think this pw must be at least 8 characters.
However, this was an inelegant solution because I could not create new users. I believe the problem here stems from apache attempting to handle authentication when avantfax should. Additionally, users cannot logout from avant fax when authentication is handled by apache. What solved the issue for me was to set the “restrict access by login” to default. Seemingly, avant fax handles authentication after that and I’ve had no issues with new users or logging out.

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